Winding Up!

Well we’ve tried hard to build a following on this Blog, but I think I have to admit failure! There will be few updates from now on here. You can though follow Michael White on his own lively Telegraph Blog here

Please do also follow news on the Jennifer Vyvyan Facebook page which I will be updating regularly

Thanks, Jonathan Crown

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One Response to Winding Up!

  1. Nigel Patterson says:

    I have spent a fascinating couple of hours reading the commentaries and archive material on the main website devoted to Jennifer Vyvyan. As a long-standing admirer of her work, it is very good to see so much of her career comprehensively documented.

    I was very lucky to be present at two of her splendid later performances: as Lady Rich at the Proms in 1973, and in the War Requiem at the Fairfield Halls in 1974, and I remember them both vividly. In neither did she give any hint of illness, and it was a big shock when she died so soon afterwards.

    I hope this won’t be the end of this blog, having discovered it so late!

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